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Riva FLV Encoder 2.0

Easily convert your videos to Flash format and upload them to the Web
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Riva FLV Encoder is a free application that enables users to convert videos from AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Quicktime to Flash video (FLV). This way you can upload them to the Web. The program has a special engine, which is actually a bit faster than what you normally expect when converting video.

It was designed to be simple, and it has an intuitive interface that suits any user. If you have no idea what settings to use, Riva FLV Encoder automatically sets them to defaults; but more experienced users can customize the settings, which include: frame, sampling and bit rate, movie size, offset, compression, crop and others. The program is also able to export video frames into JPEG images if required; and if you don't have a FLV movie player Riva FLV Encoder includes one for you to preview the video.

Three New options were added to this version: video padding, cropping and DV format support. Unfortunately, it has issues with Windows Vista and only works with Internet Explorer, which is a limitation these days.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Converts rapidly to FLV video
  • JPEG capture
  • Customizable options


  • Output video only works with IE
  • Only for Win 98 to XP
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